Top Header Image question


Im using the SPORT skin and wanted to put a wider banner in the spot of the smaller one that comes with the skin. I have noticed that when I upload my banner in the customer logo area, that the menu links (home, about us.etc) that are generally in the top right corner are not below my image.

is there a better way to upload this image so as to the menu items do not move?

Ive attached an example


You set the photo of the guy surfing the wave as your store logo? You will need to edit some template files and/or CSS to re-position the quick links menu to display above the logo.

This should work, but may still require some CSS changes:

Open /skins/sport/customer/top.tpl



{include file="top_quick_links.tpl"}

Replace with:


{include file=“top_quick_links.tpl”}



what way would have been the correct way to have set the top logo?

As default I doubt the Sport template was designed to be used with a logo image as large as yours. You would have to edit the template files and/or CSS to allow an image of that size so there's no exact 'right way' as such.

Did you try the suggestion as above?