I think there is no easy way to add tooltip to any fields on cs-cart currently, the best way we can do is going through my_changes add-on by adding some code manually, this is very tedious and complecated. For example, is I want to add some tooltip on edit product page, we have to scratch our head expecially when we have no technical know-how.

I wonder if any one can provide a way to extend the Edit Text by adding the tooltip function like in the picture, we can add the tooltip easily by just adding the desire text and create the tooltip on the respective field. or this add-on is already available somewhere.

We are also looking for tooltip add-ons if available. Especially Tooltip that has a tour guide. Because it is very important to vendors. If there are changes or new things Tooltip tour guide will be more helpful.
For now I have to do one by one Tooltip with information for vendor needs.
[1] Tooltip for Disapproval reason (product page).
We include an option button to make it easier for vendors to send tickets to our helpdesk.
[attachment=15596:Tooltip for Disapproval reason (product page).jpg]
[attachment=15597:Tooltip for Disapproval reason (product list).png]
[2] Tooltip for product page.
Despite the dizzying array of ways, we ended up just using this guide. And make it as simple as possible. >>


Tooltip for Disapproval reason (product page).jpg

Tooltip for Disapproval reason (product list).png