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[URL]Cody Lindley | Front-end/Client-side/JavaScript Engineer | Boise,Idaho

Hey Zardos, looks good, I’ve actually been working on a tooltip mod called Helpful Hints 1.0 in which I have coded the admin backend already, you can add, edit, update, delete words in the dictionary with descriptions and an uploadable image field, however I have not started work on the customer front-end so maybe we can combine our mods to make another super cool mod…

Hi snorocket

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Wow Z, that’s one nice mod.

Thanks MikeK

I need this tooltip module for my site…

If there is a pool for this module, I am willing to pitch in!!:slight_smile:


hi, may I see how it works. Are the link here ?

[URL]Cody Lindley | Front-end/Client-side/JavaScript Engineer | Boise,Idaho

Edit customer/index.tpl, add code below after {include file=“meta.tpl”}

If you use the Shadowbox mod, you do not need to enter the code in blue again, only needed the once for both mods.



```Add the scripts above to classes/scripts/ in your cart folder root.

Add the images to a folder called tooltip_images in your cart folder root, use this for images included in your html files that jtip uses.

The tooltip images can go in your your_cart/skins/basic or base/customer/images/

Add jtip.css to your_cart/skins/basic or base/customer folder.

Here is a sample piece of code you can add to say product_detailed page.

No Specified Width

That should be it, read the instruction on different uses, using the link above.

Zardos, have you been to this site?[/URL]


Some interesting ones (My Rating of Possible Usefulness):

HeatColor ()

Auto-Growing Textareas (

Impromtu (

[URL=“”]Google Suggest"-like autocompleter (

Just some more ideas

Password Strength

Sno, you may want to check out this gallery


Hi mdekok3000

Yep been their :wink:

I like the image gallery, I’ll code up a simple addon using this and my original Addon will be more advanced, thanks - Sno

I paid CS-Cart about $150 to have them create this rollover effect with our site. I was hoping they would add it to the new version for everybody to use. I love it. Great add on.

do you have a demo?

Nice mod.

I have something like this on our product description pages. (paypal icon)

Hi ThomH

Your using the ([COLOR=RoyalBlue]Overlib tooltip[/COLOR]), it also is a very good tool tip and easy to setup, it’s been around for a while. :wink:

[quote name=‘zardos’]Hi ThomH

Your using the ([COLOR=RoyalBlue]Overlib tooltip[/COLOR]), it also is a very good tool tip and easy to setup, it’s been around for a while. ;)[/QUOTE]

Thank you Zardos, we have adapted some mods from our previous x-craap.