TOny @

I just want to say that Tony has been the most professional and easy to work with person I have worked with on any platform (CS-Cart, Joomla, or Magento)

I use his XML and Mailchimp add-on and they are indespensible, plus he does great work outside of his add-ons.

I'll second that, very professional with great service, other providers should take note.

I'll third this. Great service and has always been very quick in returning emails with explanations and help.


Yes, awesome service! Fast responses and he is a huge help to the forum too.

Even better, if you end up not liking something about a mod he will even refund your money.

Joining the love fest as I have really appreciated his posts. Tony you have unknowingly taught me so much about CS Cart.


Agreed, Tony is an asset to this community.

If you need mods/custom work, PM Tony!

I confirm good service and good skills.