To be able to add fields for internal use to products

(CS cart seems to have moved faster in 2 years than Quick Books has done in 10!)

I should like to be able to use CS cart as a stock database beyond its web retail element.

The simplest option - which would be great in itself - would be to just have a notes page associated with an item for internal use.

I could then add notes to this about quality problems on an item - next delivery due in etc etc.

Nicer would be to be able to add different fields and field types for different type of information. At its simplest these could all just be text or text notes.

So I could then have - due in - suppliers reference - alternative suppliers - etc etc.

It would be great!

this could be done easily, right now it would be best to wait for 1.3.5 to go stable and then make these modifications…

Not sure if you’re still after this feature, but I needed it on my site, so here’s what I did to create a “internal notes” field in the admin (not viewable from the frontend):

  1. Add the field to the MySQL database with this command:

ALTER TABLE `cscart_product_descriptions` ADD `internal` TEXT NOT NULL ;

2. Under Languages in the Admin, set up a new variable for “internal_notes” with a value of “Internal Notes”.

3. Next, change the admin products update (skins/[your admin skin]/admin/products_pages/products_update.tpl) page to include the input field:

Find (beginning approx. line 51)




{include file=“buttons/button.tpl” but_text=$lang.edit_in_visual_editor but_onclick=“javascript: fn_open_editor(‘product_full_descr’);” but_style=“text”}


and insert after it (at approx. line 59)



Of course, the size and location of the box can be changed to suit.

That's it! Of course, this mod won't translate to an upgrade, say to 2.0, but it has been tested with 1.3.5 SP3.