TNT Shipping Addon

Does anybody use TNT Express as shipping method?

I'm looking for addon or other solution to implement TNT shipping calculation for our online store (CS-Cart 2.2.4 Pro).

Can anybody help me?

Thank you.

I've recently done some work to integrate the Interparcel shipping aggregator of which one of their services is TNT. Contact me via email at (remove X's) and we can discuss what you need.

Me too, i'm interesting by this integration


I'm also interested in this addon.

Greeting Jan Roel

If you are using TNT express, switch to UPS.

UPS bought TNT express recently, and I think they are getting rid of the TNT express completely.

We used to work with TNT express until they started losing our shipments. Now we are a very happy customer with UPS.

Avoid TNT when possible

I am interested in a TNT express addon as well, with label printing and tracking.

How can I Integrated TNT Express with CS cart ? Please help me . Thank you very much

Any updates on this addon ?