If I open a ticket, how do I know how many credits will be abstracted from my account? How do I know how many credits needed for each ticket?

Helpdesk question… It will vary based on the amount of effort your request takes.

pick a card…any card… :rolleyes:

Hello cacofonix,

Thank you for your message.

Please let me explain it. Each request is assessed for its complexity and, based on this assessment, assigned to one of the following categories:

[i]* Explanation of setting up some standard CS-Cart functionality. General questions about setting up CS-Cart (not problems) - 5 credits;

  • Resolving problems caused by incorrect settings of CS-Cart functionality. Setting up some standard CS-Cart functionality. Consultations on CS-Cart architecture and basic customization - 10 credits;
  • Investigating problems caused by some server settings or/and modified files - 20 credits.[/i]

    In case you want to know the cost of a request beforehand, you should post a ticket with the “Request” status by disabling the “I agree with your ticket cost estimation” check box when posting the ticket. First our specialists assess its complexity. First category requests are answered without any confirmation from your side. But if the request is of the second or third category, you will receive a notification of the category to which the request was assigned and the number of credits to be deducted. And the request is answered only after your confirmation of the assessment. In this instance the total amount of time necessary to resolve your issue can be increased by the time required for assessment and confirmation.

    If during the investigation we find out that the issue requires a more detailed analysis or some new facts emerge, we can change the category of the ticket. And the number of credits charged for this ticket will be changed accordingly.

    I hope it answers your question.

    For more information about our technical support service please refer to the “Technical support” page of our website: Customer Support for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Users | 2.8 out of 3 User Satisfaction | Full Customer Care Service

    Pavel Zyukin

    CS-Cart Support team