thumbnails on product page - display more than 2 per row?

My thumbnails underneath the main product image are showing only 2 per row so it looks like **** if there are more than 2 images. Does anyone know how to get the thumbnails to display 4 or 5 to a row, for instance?

Okay, I installed Firebug in combo with design mode to help pinpoint where things are and determined that the problem is this line in views/products/components/product_images.tpl …

The thumbnails center themselves under the main product image. If I increase the width, I am successful in getting more thumbnails per row, but then it scoots the product information over (price, add to cart, etc.)

Any ideas on how to pull this out and put it underneath everything so it won't mess up the product info?

I'll report back if I figure it out...

Any ideas? I know I’m not going to be able to figure this out.