Thumbnails Not Resizing

When I setup a new product, and I upload the largest image I have to “Popup Larger Image” field I should get the smaller thumbnails for the categories pages and the product details image - correct?

I have my thumbnail settings as follow:

Products list (category, search, etc) thumbnail width - 120

Product details page thumbnail width - 200

Product detailed image width - 275

Product cart page thumbnail width - 120

Categories list thumbnail width - 120

Category details page thumbnail width - 120

Category detailed image width - 120

I did not set the heights as I wants just the width to be specific sizes.

However once I upload my largest image (300px wide) to the “Popup Larger Image” the category pages show the large image, not the smaller thumbnail image.

What am I doing wrong?

Dear BrightFire,

Your settings seem to be ok. I applied the same settings and thumbnails are still here.

  1. What is your CS-Cart version?
  2. What happens if you upload thumbnail manually?

    Regards, Alt-team.