Thought / Opinions / Critique #2

Hi Everyone,

I've finally 'gonelive' with a new development, website is 3.0.6.

I invite you to take a look and give me an idea of what it may need, knowing full well that there is a very limited stock selection presently. Most product's don't have a description so I'm relying on graphical feedback!


Please do not place test orders, I'll pitchfork you!


When I visit an online store, unless it's a household brand, I want to know who the company is before I purchase. There's very little content on the site in terms of “this is who we are and this is what we do”, yeah, the videos tell the story and it's a nice touch, but what if the video fails to load, or Flash fails? Perhaps you could add About/Contact links somewhere a bit more prominent, because if I land anywhere but the homepage, I don't ever see the “Our Story” images nor the “Company is an independent…” text.

The product page has some nice touches - displaying the Return period is a great idea and the secondary product image location is great too. “Add to next order” is a nice little touch, it's great how one simple little language change can make all the difference.

Overall, nice and clean, good job!

I'm a bit confused by your top 3 links, Our Story, The Process, etc

The text below “Our story” seems to me to relate to “The Process”

I would reword the subtext on “Our story”.