Thinking of buying the CS Cart but

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As you can see from my title im a potential buyer of CS Cart. Up to now i had a CandyPress shopping cart ( yeap im ASP guy :)) but the CS cart has make me think.

Current host provider is supporting php and asp so I dont need to change hosts.

What i would like to know from you guys if you’re happy with CS Cart?

Does it have what you want?

I can say that CandyPress cart is great, support is great and new features as well. However i found it hard to work sometimes, as cart is made for US market and i had to do some changes to the code.

Easy thing was template as i needed to change only 1 page for site to suit my needs.

How difficult is to make your own template with CS cart? Lots of pages to be changed?


I personally love CS-Cart, there are a lot of files per template but this allows total customisation, however just to change the simple sections like header / footer can be done very easily.

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As my website has hunting gear you must know I cant sell all items through webstore.

So i would really like to see the feature where you can decide that certain items can be seen but you cant purchase it ( like they would run in catalogue mode only).

Is this possible in CS Cart??

Anyway im hoping to get some replies that will made my decision easier.




Sorry for my english.[/quote]

If you add a product without a price you can choose options which prevent it being added to the cart but still display it in the catalogue. Im not sure if you have it listed with a price and disable add to cart but this shouldnt be that difficult to modify.

Overall, CS-Cart is well worth the money full of very good features but obviously a personal choice epsecially as you are bound to compare it to the cart you currently use which I have never had experience with or tried.