There is no for vendors to add features. and freeshipping bug

I think multivendor is quite old, so it’s surprising that this basic feature is still missing.
eBay uses features that are in your store, or you can add them if they don’t exist.
The vendor is not authorized to add this.
Please tell me I’m wrong.

The next problem is when using fulfillment (Ultimate).

  1. The vendor checks for free shipping.
  2. The vendor provides free shipping using the storefront shipping method.
  3. The vendor receives the money minus the commission.
  4. Free shipping is provided by Storefront. lol

We also cannot control the vendor’s permission over free shipping.
Or remove all shipping from vendor panel config.

If money is at stake, this should be considered a bug.
I purchased Ultimate without any discount, but the price became very cheap two months later. Neither Multivendor nor Ultimate are complete versions.
To create a complete version, we have to wait a long time and pay subscription fees.

You can allow vendors to manage features (the Allow vendors to manage product features setting) starting from version 4.12.1 (released in December, 2020).

You can specify in the agreement that your sellers sign when they join your marketplace that setting up free shipping at the marketplace’s expense will be deducted from their income or even result in a penalty.

I think my explanation wasn’t clear.
Let’s take eBay as an example. ebay can add variants to features already created by Storefront.
In cs-cart, if create a product as an administrator, can add variants to the features.
The following shows how a feature variant is created in the storefront and vendor.

vendors cannot.
What you’re talking about is the vendor creating a new feature.
It cannot modify features in an existing store, nor can it use existing features.
just have to keep creating new features that only self use.

Include shipping cost in vendor commissions:

Should I uncheck this part in the Vendor Plan add-on? It is currently checked, but the shipping cost has not been deducted.

This is the right behaviour. Vendors should not be able to change features created by the marketplace or other vendors, or the marketplace could become a total mess. If a new marketplace-wide feature or its variant needs to be added by certain vendors, they need to clear it with the marketplace administrators.

If the shipping’s cost in the order is already set up as free, it won’t be deducted from the vendor’s balance.

This is the result of deleting and not deleting the relevant check in the Vendor Plan add-on.
Free shipping for the product is checked.
Vendors get paid the same amount.
Because order fulfillment is being used, the vendor must pay shipping costs to the store.

I don’t know the difference between checking it in the vendor add-on and not checking it at all.

I would appreciate it if you could clearly explain what the difference is.
And in Ultimate’s fulfillment, when a vendor checks for free shipping on a product, the problem of not paying the shipping fee to the store seems to be a bug. Right?

What I’m talking about is not changing the features.
It simply adds a variant to the created feature.
With it, sellers can simply add variants. But we have to recreate each feature.
Even if you grant this permission, continuously creating features is inefficient for the seller.
The marketplace will also have too many features, which will overwhelm the database.
You said Marketplace is a mess, but eBay can do this.

Please provide me with exact steps to reproduce such set up in the clean CS-Cart installation.