Theme Editor Disappeared

Hi there,

We are using mv4.0.2 and having a customized theme for the same.

When from the dashboard we try to access the theme editor and select the “Customize theme” option, then we are failing to access the editor.

Only a black screen is coming in the left side with no options.

Has anyone faced similar issue and any recommendations to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.



I am having same problem and I could not find any solution. Did you find a solution for this problem?

I had some rules in .htaccess file that was causing Theme Editor not to load properly. Once removed those lines, everything is back to normal. If you have any modification in .htaccess, the best thing to do is to take backup of that file and copy the original .htaccess file from CS-Cart installation.

Similar issues can be caused by the cache. Try to remove the “var/cache” directory from the server manually