The URL rewrite engine is disabled

I know this topic was raised in 2016, but I am experiencing this in 2023 so I thought new answers might help.
I am trying to install Cs-cart on a dev domain, but I am getting this message upon installation,
“The URL rewrite engine is disabled. Subpath-based storefront URLs will not work”
I spoke to my host provider and they checked and confirmed everything is working as it should on the server side. They also checked the logs and found that the issue is related to the code, especially in the app/Tygh area.

Such type of error means that there is some issues with the rewrite engine of the web server, so the check performed by CS-Cart does not pass.

In case hosting support was not able to help you, I recommend you to contact us via Help Desk so that we will be able to assist you.

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Thanks for the reply. I have raised a new ticket in the help desk.

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Update: My hosting provider has confirmed that mod_rewrite is enabled by default. They are sure the issue is not related to the server, but to Cs-cart code.

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