Hi there, can you all possibly take a look at (nsfw) see what you think of the site!

Thanks in advance


not see much of a difference.


I don’t know what nsfw means, could you explain that?

I also am not sure what silverbestbuy is talking about since you weren’t asking to compare anything.

As for the site. I thnk it looks pretty darn good. I like the background and the layout.

I did notice a couple of things. First on the home page the site is 3 columns and you can see the my account block, but on the product and category pages it is still 3 columns, but no blocks on the right. Personally I am a fan of only 2 columns so I think the category and product pages look better. The thing I would recommend for those pages though is that since there is no My Account block maybe making the menu link at the top stand out more.

Also the category menu looks fine, but maybe you could change the default arrow for something else. The default arrow just looks kind of boring.

As for the category pages, there is a sub-category images mod on the forum somewhere that would really be a good addition to the site.

The product desciptions could stand out a little more. They are a very light grey and kind of blend in. Bear in mind though that I am using resolution of 1920 px x 1080 px, so it might look different at a different resolution.

I do really like your header image. It is very festive and looks great.

Overall your site looks very good. Oh, and I of course like the items you are selling.


Site looks great and I agree with brandon regarding the 2 and 3 columns

Also nsfw = not safe for work (viewing)

Thanks Tirade and Brandonvd… much appreciated, I’ve made the product descriptions slightly larger and turned them a darker grey, which helps, you’re right!

Will make some more changes today and try to personlise a bit more, just so it makes a HUGE difference! :wink: