The "Tell a Friend" king is dead, long live to

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Two steps to terrify your competitors and to wow your customers… And make profits!


The simple “Tell a Friend” king is dead.

Nowadays people wants to send postcards! Postcards suggesting the holiday… Sun!

How to send a postcard with CS-Cart?

Simple, adding the thumbnail of the product (or logo of the site / or category) within the email!

So, long live to the “Send a Postcard a Friend” King!


The “1 Postcard sent” : “1 Visitor in” old way is gone.

Let’s go to the next viral marketing level:

“1 Postcard sent” : “1,000 Visitors in”

Need details?

Watch this 9 minutes video, you will understand:

[url] is for sale | HugeDomains

Nota Bene:

Free gift can be a Gift Certificate, a Discount, a Coupon, a PDF, and so on…

So, long live to the “Send a Postcard a Friend” viral marketing King!

Lee Li Pop

Important Notice: I do NOT use, sell, or affiliate to “Viral Friend Generator”. The link has NO affiliate ID. I just would like this feature in the next CS-Cart release :wink: