The product picker issue


The product picker has issue with showing blank on some products.

The product picker with some id’s passed to get some of the certain products but when i click advanced search picker and it showing some products and i added few of them.

After saving products i got blank row instead of product information.



Provide the exact steps to reproduce this issue.


Thanks for reply.

Steps to reproduce issue:

Step 1:
The product picker pass additional parameter as category or pass field from product.

Step 2:
The product picker will show filtered product list in the select box and the click for the advance search button and will notice that all products are available select any of products that are not filtered through additional parameter.

Step 3:

Select any product and add to product and close advanced search popup.

Step 4:
You will see this blank instead of product details.


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand the steps that you’ve described. Could you please bring more details? Something like

  1. Open the admin panel
  2. Proceed to the Products > Products page.
  3. On the right panel select a category in the Search in category field.

This issue produced by set custom product picker.

Step 1:
you can create a page for product picker.

step 2:
restrict products by category or array of product ids

step 3:
when you click advanced search option to pick products

step 4:
in this advanced search option you can view the all products without restriction.
choose product that rescricted by category selection or products .
step 5:
select and close advance option.

step 6:
you will see the blank page that will show instead of product details.


I was unable to reproduce this.