The pop up detailed image

Is there a way of importing all the larger pop up images?

I have my thumbnails in, but if there is a way of getting the larger ones in can someone let me know, I have 1500 products to do.

Thanks, yes I’m new…!

Anyone, I’m still feeding them in manually!!!

One thing that might save you a bit of time would be to check the box next to many of the items, and then down at the bottom, check Image Pair, and then you can edit the images for all those products from one screen. Might not be able to do 1500 at the same time, but could save a little time. Just a thought

Would that be the same size as the thumbnail though?

By selecting multiple products, and then checking the box “Image Pair” (in the box at the bottom of the “Manage Products” list), then click “Modify Selected” at the VERY bottom of the screen - it’ll bring up those items, and both images (thumb and detailed image). Just try it, you’ll see how it works.

Will do thanks for that…