The ONLY thing stopping me buying NOW is


We had this built for us for v1.3.3, we also have a Nochex merchant Account.

It does come as standard in v1.3.4.

I purchased today and installed as I was informed it was in 1.3.3 by their sales team, so far I cannot find it ???

I have opened a ticket already but if anybody knows where other than “payment methods” where I would have expected it to be, please let me know.

I only purchased after being told this :

“My name is Vladimir Kalynyak, I’m a Senior Sales Executive at

Yes, current CS-Cart version is integrated with NoChex Payments system since version 1.3.3”

Which is great news, but cant find it ???

nochex is in version 1.3.4, which is coming out any day now.

you can already download the release candidate 4 from the file-menu

in your helpdesk account.

Hi nwsco…

Thanks for that info, I dont understand why the sales emailed me back before purchasing saying it was in 1.3.3

How “buggy” is 1.3.4 RC4 as I want to get the shop live ASAP

and I know they say not to use it as a live store…

it’s not buggy, but waiting a few more days really will pay off

since it will include the live-help function (cool) and some other

mods done by f.e. snorocket (i think its a support&faq-system? not sure…)

and of course will leave a few bugs behind (see here: [url][/url] )

your choice, but if i was you…

They sent me the nochex addon which is fine…

Means I can use 1.3.3 and patiently await the new version.

Some of the features like product configurator sound great…

Apparently nochex is available on demand for earlier versions

just have to ask nicely for it… so now I am happy…

Thanks again !