The Nightmare Of Rate Areas

first of all, when I disable a country area, vendors are still able to add them in their shipping methods, but of course it can't work ! I am pretty sure everybody has the same issue ?

another problem:

I create a european union rate area and germany rate area for local sellers.

Then I create a shipping method with only european union: it does not work (no shipping method in frontstore). But when I disable germany, it works! yet I did not use it in the shipping method, it's only in the global list.

It does not make sense. No other cart works like that. That means it's not possible to have both local rates and global rates: my users have to pay the same shipping cost from germany to germany and from germany to the whole european union, which is insane.

the other way is creating 250 different rate areas, one per country, which is equally insane.

Someone has an idea how to fix this nightmare ?