The New Cs-Cart Page Is Up And Running!

“We have launched the new CS-Cart page with all the CS-Cart advantages in one place accompanied by illustrations, facts, video lessons, and customer video testimonials!”

It looks strange to me how often cs-cart does facelift for but remains covered in dust for ages now…

Now if I were new customer who considered to buy this software, come back after 3 or more years did anything change there?

Nice work on the It looks really good now.

I agree with you about the demo. In my opinion, the default bright theme installed with CS-Cart is the problem. Its an immediate turn-off. That theme looks half built, circa 2010 "PlaySkool colors" feel, and the flow isnt quite right with all the inconsistency. Its also extremely annoying to clear cache constantly with that theme after changes like addons/settings. New users will see that as a pain point (vs responsive theme).

Considering how powerful CS-Cart is, there should be much effort into a true boilerplate with skin installed by default. The base is purposefully un-styled, ya know? Then 1 skin, which is what comes installed by default. This skin should be the opposite - taking full advantage of shared CSS classes/variables to make any colorization extremely consistent. As it stands, responsive has no boilerplate, less vars are sparse, changing something like the base grey border or box/block/buttons is inconsistent. With stuff like that added, on top of an extremely well glossed skin, demos (and onboarding) may get easier for all parties.

Just some thoughts. Thanks