the menu bar is not SEO friendly! *cries*

hello there

pagerank suddenly plumeted from 4 … to 1 when i put cs cart in place

I noticed something not so great - google also does not cache the links on the left hand product menu

any tips? advice? mods?

prehaps a simple TPL file that i can stick in to make the left menu very simple so that google can sift through it.


your pr is not affected that much by your page, I bet if you left the old page up your pr would have dropped anyways

google just did a pr update , they penalized sites for:

link exchange

buying links


unnatural links

Because google is evil

but what version of cs cart are you using?

under settings > appearance > Categories menu style

change the emenu to plain and see

Google just had a bigarsed PR update.


Domains with PageRank based on Age have been devalued.

If you’re missing content or it’s smaller then it used to be then you’ll be losing out. At this point in time I’m gained +1 for all my domains.

okay thanks for the info chaps,

it was a pr4 brochure website with little functionality (about 5 yrs old) - updated to a shopping cart with lots of info + content and the pr dropped to 1…


##Domains with PageRank based on Age have been devalued.

the above is probably what happened

where do you ‘JesseLeeStringer’ and ‘truem’ get your latest updates and SEO news on google?

[quote name=‘Webmonkey’]

where do you ‘JesseLeeStringer’ and ‘truem’ get your latest updates and SEO news on google?[/quote]

Personally I maintain a close relations to Industry experts or individuals who maintain SEO practises on behalf of their clients.

I have a dedicated seo@ email address where I’m spammed my email address into all SEO emailing lists. Generally I sift through those emails to find a common correlation between what’s being said. Of this I came across no less then 5 stating the same thing, all independant publications

Blackhat SEO websites usually hold a LARGE amount more information then Whitehat SEO websites. While their methods should not be used it’s guaranteed that forum participants have played the SEO game enough not to spread incorrect information that may harm others = Better content / information.