The latest STABLE cart and some misc inquires..

Currently Im using 1.3.3-sp2. I haven’t touched my site in over a year in regards to upgrades but Im wondering if the site is still secure using this current version.

If not, I would also like to know how difficult it would be to update. I took some time to customize my current template and would not like to have to rebuild it because of an upgrade if thats possible.

2nd of all, what merchant would you recommend to take credit card payments and how hard would it be to set up and get SSL installed on the shop?

Finally, I was also curious to know if there are any codes for server sides so that I can display the latest products on my homepage automatically upon updating them? Thanks for any info in regards to this question.

I’ve been using CS cart for quite awhile but I haven’t really kept up with changes or done anything except get it online to take orders with paypal.

anyone can help me with this???:confused:


Don’t know about security, but upgrading depends a lot on how much you have changed / customized your store. Our store is so modified that I think it would be impossible to upgrade without creating some issues.

That’s why I get a bit annoyed that cs-cart functionality is so integrated with layout, for instance.

One thing you could try is to download the whole store to your machine, install a local server like Xampp and update it locally to see how it would look like when updated. Some pages of your store might become unaccessible locally, specially if you use SEF URLs, but you can still see a lot to decide if that’s something for you.

It will require some knowledge of phpMyAdmin (so you can export the database from the server and import it locally), and you’ll have to change some information at the config.php at root so that your site is visible locally. It would take a looong time for me to explain it all here, but I’m sure you can find valuable information about that in the forum.