The block that is visible on all pages


Still not fully understood with admin panel, but:

How to make the block that is visible on all pages?

In particular, the search box located on the front page, with its rewinding, remained always visible, and on the other pages located on top, and also always be visible.

Example: [url=“”][/url]

Screenshot: [attachment=7347:771.jpg]

Here it is implemented in the CS-Cart, in a somewhat different form: [url=“”][/url]

Sorry for my english :)


Its simple.

just place block in default tab page type.

The search block, menu block subscription block all are placed in default page layout.

Hope it helps.

Thank you, ravt !

It's clear something up.

But how to make the search bar on the first page was in the middle, when you scroll up and remained there?

As here: [url=“”][/url]