The best slideshow ever!

This slide show really adds a moving experience.


I’m still experimenting with it but, you can see my results here:


EDIT: It has suddenly stopped working after upgrade to 1.3.5 SP3. It worked at first but no longer does.

EDIT: Palmtop’s advice has got it running in SP3 now. Way to go!

I have finished the mod and you can find it at the My Mods link below.

Hi Matt

Excellent mod, and for FREE only on CS-Cart forums :wink:

Some other good mootools:



Google Maps Moolet

For those who downloaded this slideshow mod, I would download it again as I have updated the mootools.js file.

Nice mod. Thank you.

There is a mod for joomla called Frontpage slideshow (paid mod). We have adapted it for our static pages, maybe will make for cs-cart (first must clarify the licencing with authors).

@mdekok3000 very cool! good work, that is social for the community!

That looks great!

Whoops, made a mistake in the instructions by forgetting a step. Truly, sorry about that. :oops: But it’s fixed now.

The forgotten step was:


2. In ‘/skins/CLIENT_SKIN/customer/meta.tpl’


```php {if $target != “profiles” && $target != “checkout”}

{/if} ```

It's actually pretty funny as this is what makes the whole thing work! Lol

Hmmm, ever since upgrading to v1.3.5 SP3 it has stopped working. Here is the best I could come up with since then. Feel free to view the source code.


Hello mdekok3000!

Thanks for your script: I tried it on 135 SP2 and I found some problems…

In fact I was not able to show this slide show inside a table, and also there where errors related to smarty tags.

I solved these issues in this way:

To show Slideshow:


A picture



Were missed [COLOR="Red"][B]{literal}[/B][/COLOR] and [COLOR="#ff0000"][B]{/literal}[/B][/COLOR].

Also method [COLOR="#ff0000"]window.onload[/COLOR] works fine inside tables, where standard method doesn't.

I haven't tried it in SP3.... May you check it, please ... Maybe it could also solve problems in SP3 ....

Many thanks for your free mods,
Best Regards

I had actually originally intended to put that code inside a field such as “description” or “welcome text”. However, inside a smarty template, you’re right about needing them.

Yep, you’re right about that window.onload thing. Works fine now in SP3. Way to go!

I have begun to re-upload the file to my mods repository.


I’m happy to help community! :wink:

Best Regards

Can you help clarify some things. I did exactly as told but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I uploaded the bestss directory to the root directory of my store.

I added the snippet of code provided to the meta.tpl in my store skin.

What am I missing? I’ve gone through all the slideshow wiki documentation and many searches here with no luck.

Where did you put the following code?

A box with WYSIWYG editor or in a Template


A picture


What I did was, I created a page where the description field contained the above code.

As you see, the image file path is as follows: /store_root/bestss/images/

If you pasted the code into your meta.tpl as instructed, then this should work fine.

The slideshow works great, but when I add the script for my flying butterflies, the slideshow freezes. I put the butterfly script to an external .js file. They work, but not together… any ideas? I’d like to have both if possible… script I use if from Dyanamic Drive


There might be some clashing variables names or function names or something. I can’t really tell for sure what’s causing it.

Hi Moka,

Have you checked out this page regarding javascript conflicts.

[URL=“Adding more than one JavaScript to a page”][/URL]

It’s from the dynamic drive page you referenced.

Maybe it will help.


[quote name=‘mdekok3000’]I have finished the mod and you can find it at the My Mods link below.[/QUOTE]

Hi mdekok, i cant see the link, can you pls send this to me, I am trying to put a slideshow on v2.0.8