Thanksgiving promotions... buy together gotchas

Hi folks,

As we run through our promotional engine, I have noticed a few things that folks may want to consider… and these notes are aim towards the cs-cart team also.

Buy Together - while a convenient way to bundle items for the holiday, it is important to create a blackout rule to prevent excessive discounts.

There is no way to limit a buy together bundle by usergroup (this should be addressed)

If you have a wholesale group and a retail group and adjust the pricing for the retail group, your wholesale customers will see the same rules apply to whatever promotional pricing you have set them up with.

My only tedious solution has been to create a blackout rule that kills other standard promotional rules after it. This means sending your most general promotional rules to the bottom of the priority chain and your most specific rules toward the top and using the stop rule processing features.

If you don’t do this, you could easily be giving your wholesale customers 50-70% when you only intended to give anyone 30-40%.

I believe the configurator suffers similar issues, but as we have not started using it I can’t vouch for it.

Would love to hear comments on how other folks work with their mixed promotions.


The blackout rule that I thought would work - well it doesn’t. I am going to try setting up some sort of fixed price promotion somehow.

I created a rule - group if any, then a group if all -

set up a separate single condition - products in and then each product in the buy together bundle

set no bonuses

set the rule to stop all other rules

IF FAILS. The usergroup pricing is still applied before the rule can kick in and stop it. Really unacceptable behavior. I am guessing it is because technically the user is only adding a single product in, but a buy together bundle is being dragged along for the ride.

This is essentially a broken feature. It really needs to be addressed.