Thank You page after registration


I wonder that there is no welcome page or even some small notice that customer has successfuly registered on the website. Can some one help me here please. I would like to have wellcome message on the top of registration, after successful registration.

Thank You

Anyone? Or nobody needs this feature?

[quote name=‘’]Anyone? Or nobody needs this feature?[/QUOTE]

You may submit a feature request here [url]CS-Cart Community Forums

I tought somebody allready have this feature …

I think this will better for customer. I hope CS-CART develope team will look on this

Yes this is one function needed, the ajax box is nice but not very usefull.

I was actually going to request a custom quote for having this changed as I agree it’s very confusing.

I would like a static message that says “thank you for registering” or something similar with a button that says “continue shopping” which could take the user to the home page, or back to the last page they visited.

Those ajax pop up messages are not the best idea for customer notifications.

Checkout this post: