Text "Preview" from "File to sell" is different that "Preview" of product etc


I think that you should use a different language variable for Text “Preview” from “File to sell” which has the meaning of providing free access to user to those files without buying them. Maybe a better text is “Free Access”

It happened that one of our vendors from markeplace chose “Preview” from “File to sell” without knowing that the files will be visible to end user. This may lead to legal issues and other …
Please be carefull of what text you use for different cases.

The same text “Preview” is used for product preview from admin panel which has different context, meaning

Please fix and create a different language variable for text “Preview” from “File to sell”

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@CS-Cart_team please provide a feedback

Unfortunately I do not understand what you are referring to. Please provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this and what behaviour is expected.

The text “Preview”, language variable it is used in multiple places. In some cases “Preview” is not correct as the features of cs cart is not preview is free access.
Bellow are just 2 examples
Product preview

Files to sell preview.

Here instead of “Preview” please create a different language variable and a better text is “Free access” or “Free download”
Please see the reason mentioned in first message above.

It is clear now?

There are many situations like this if we take into detail cs cart, please hire a person that know properly the meaning of English terms and use them properly.

I don’t sell files but it seems to me, according to your example, that “Preview” is a “Sneak Peak” or sample of the file you are selling. Similar to a trailer for a movie. If that’s the case here, “Free Access” wouldn’t make sense.

How would you name the action when you give to someone a file for free to download it? it is ''Preview"?
It has same meaning the “Preview” of product and the “Preview” of files to sell?

Thanks for the clarification!

I have passed this feedback on to the developers. In the meantime, you can change the language variable used directly in your installation by editing the file design/backend/templates/views/products/update_file.tpl. Simply replace the preview with a new language variable, which you can create on the Administration → Texts & Languages → Edit Texts page of your admin panel. The preview variable can be found in the following line of code:

<label class="control-label" for="type_{"file_preview[`$id`]"|md5}">{__("preview")}</label>

I hope it will help you.

@CS-Cart_team Great, It is helpful, Thank you !

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The changes for this language variable will be included into the next patch version of CS-Cart (4.16.3). In case you wish to apply them to the current version, please apply the attached .diff file and create the preview_file language variable with the Preview file value or any other, that suits you:
0b3e4f32eee24345da7d3072b53958ad82806cdd.diff (1.2 KB)

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