Text field combined with price?


I want to add a text field on a product where the customer will put a number. The price of the product will be increased regarding this number!

For example…

I want to sell an xbox for 100$. I also give the oportunity to the customer to choose how many joysticks he needs for 3$ per joystick.

So if the customer needs 2 joysticks… he will write the number 2 in the text box and the final price will be 100$+2x3$=106$

Is this possible? How do I implement it?

Thanx in advance!

You could limit the number of joysticks and make a select box with options like:

of joysticks:









Ok let me give you a hint…

Let’s say that I want to sell a t-shirt, and I want to ask how many text-lines needs in the t-shirt.

I have to make over 50 choises in drop down menu?

Can I do the other thing?

To have a text-box and the number is in there to be added in the final price?

If I cannot do things like those… why the text field exists?

text fields exist for text… i.e. I have a site that sells custom made saddles, and he uses text fields to ask for “Rider Height” and “Rider Inseam Length” you are trying to create a dynamic number of text fields based upon their selection, which isn’t what it’s designed for.

Yeah I know what you mean…

I just don’t want to believe that I 'm so unlucky…

Thanx for your response.