Testing Multivendor - some issues

Hi, I am testing the second beat release of the Multi-vendor edition and want to raise some issues:

  1. I notice that a shipping method has to be allocated to a certain vendor. When I assign it to the “admin” vendor, I get the “no shipping method available…” message. The problem is that I would like my vendors to be able to use a global set of shipping methods, and then add their own only if the need to. Is this possible?

  2. The order form does not appear to show the tax figure. I tested an scenario where I have a vendor selling goods with no tax (he is not a vat vendor), but the shipping method attracts tax at 14%. The order is:

    Item: R4500.00 (no tax)

    shipping: 35.00 (14% VAT)

    There is no breakdown of the tax amount.

    Thanks for any advice.