Test text on every page. Can't remove it!

Ok, so not sure how this happened or why I can't figure out how to remove this but I am baffled right now. I was playing around with some template files and put the word TEST! in a few to see where it would end up of if I was in the right template. Well I added it to one and now it is on every page of my site and can't seem to figure out why. All the files have been put back to their original form but it is still there. Anyone help me figure out what the Hell I did?

Obviously, but did you clear cache?

If so and it’s still appearing, well, you’ve still got test somewhere in your template file :)

Damn it…I don't mess around with my templates enough to remember that. But yes I forgot to clear cache within the cart so that fixed it. As soon as I read your reply it hit me what I'd forgot to do. Thanks!