Test Email Notification Does Not Work

cs cart MV latest edition.

Hi ,

in admin>notifications (see pic)

I have tested email notifications using the 'test email' in




and none works.

It says it sends to my admin email , but i do not receive anything, nor anything in my spams.

does anyone have encountered the same issue , or able to help please ?

Thanks a lot

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 15.25.13.png

Suggest you first check your php error_log for any errors related to emails. Following that you should get your hosting to see if there are related SMTP entries in your mail log. If so, are there any errors? What method of email are you using (Settings/Emails)?

Hi Seth

thank you

I am using PHP but its by default, i did not chose it.

thats my current setting>email

should not there be SMTP info in there ?


Thank you

PHP mail does not use SMTP credentials, it uses localhost and the settings are internal to PHP.

If you want to use SMTP, set your credentials and change the type.

Note that the likelihood of your mail being seen as spam is much higher when using PHP mail given there is no authentication of the sender.

Thank you Seth , that was very helpful !