Test Directory Upgrade

[color=“#800080”][font=“Comic Sans MS”]I have set up a subdirectory to try upgrading from 2.0.15 (fresh copy) to whatever is the popular version now. I have imported the database…seems ok except blocks and images are not there. After this I copied “my_skin” into the skins repository to get my blocks in place, and copied /images/ folder as well. In Theory I should be well on my way…NOT :blink:

In admin when I choose “my skin”, it shows it’s selected but continues to show Lolly, which is my base skin without all my changes. When I press “save”, it tells me the following:[/font][/color]

Creating directory skins/my_skin/customer/blocks/locations

Creating directory skins/my_skin/customer/blocks/locations/pages

Creating directory skins/my_skin/customer/addons/news_and_emails/blocks/locations

[color=“#800080”][font=“Comic Sans MS”]Despite it telling me it has completed the above, nothing changes. I tried going back to Lolly to repeat the process, but still nothing changes. My blocks and images are still missing.

Any idea what I may be doing wrong ? Would I be saving myself a lot of grief if I just copied all the folders from my main directory to the test directory and upgrade from there ?[/font][/color]

[color=“#800080”][font=“Comic Sans MS”]I decided to just copy the working cart folders into the test directory (renaming the originals with a “2” after folder name in case I needed to re-establish them) instead of working a fresh copy…and it is working fine so far. Will have to deal with the upgrades one by one until reaching the “peak” of the most recent version over time[/font][/color]