Terms and Conditions Checkbox


cannot find summary.tpl under views/checkout.

I am using 2.1.1

I just want to have a simple popup or a distinct message saying that “In order to proceed, please check the terms and conditions box” and of course a hyperlink (pointing to actual terms and conditions page) to the text which is front of Check box would be great!


its file

[quote name=‘TexasGuy’]Are you using 1 page checkout or 3 pages?[/QUOTE] In most carts the words “Terms and Conditions” are a link, which will bring up a pop up window of the Terms and Conditions. In CS-Cart 1.3.5 where should we enter the verbiage? Thanks, Dave

I’m hoping someone will step in here with some help on this. I’m looking for the pop-up version too, using 2.1.2. The checkbox is too small and people aren’t seeing it. I need the terms & conditions to open up a box so they can’t miss it. It would be great if this could be modded for the License Agreement Required on digital products too. Does anyone have suggestions how to start with this? Thanks.

Check this out here [url]http://1clue.com/index.php?r=addon/view&id=5[/url] i have found this and i think its great everybody can see this at checkout. Thi addon is for Cs-Cart Version: v2.1.x and it is free!

Ps: They even get what they agree with email!