Terms and Conditions Checkbox

Hi all, Im just trying to modify the Terms and Conditions checkbox so that it is visible however I wish it just to say

“By clicking ‘Place order’ you agree to the Terms & Conditions of this purchase.”

rather than having them have to click a checkbox can anybody give me an idea as to how this can be done at all pretty please :smiley:

Kind regards

Its a language variable called “checkout_terms_n_conditions”. The language vars are under Content->Languages in the admin console.

i tried changing this however the check box was still visible, ideally i want to get rid of the checkbox but keep the writing :frowning:

Then you need to simply modify a template and disable that option that shows the textbox.

sorry TexasGuy modding is not really my forte, im guessing its checkout.tpl i need to modify? i’m just not sure how to edit out the checkbox :frowning: sorry to be a huge pain and ty for your help.

Are you using 1 page checkout or 3 pages?

its just the one page checkout texasguy! ty for your help

It’s on your settings page - “Ask customers to agree with terms & conditions during checkout”. Make sure the box is unticked.

yes ty lyn but thats not what im after

Sorry - I just read your post properly.:confused:

any ideas please anybody? ty

Is it not a simple as like Lyn said, remove the checkbox, then find the terms and conditions text, change this text to your own and then add a link to your text to the T&Cs if they click it.


Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be, when I have unticked the checkbox the whole line dissappears including the text where normally i would just replace it with whatever I like. However as said as soon as i untick the box in Admin>settings the box and the writing dissappears.

The aim is really just to get my customers doing as little as possible when ordering and to see how it goes!

Kind regards

I don’t know if this is going to be of any help to you because I am not using version 2, but in version 1.3.5, in the file payment_methods.tpl, there is a bit that says:

{if $settings.General.agree_terms_conditions == 'Y' && $settings.General.one_page_checkout == 'Y'}

<[COLOR="Red"]input type="checkbox"[/COLOR] id="id_accept_terms" name="accept_terms" value="Y" class="valign" />


In version 1.3.5, you would need to delete the bit in red to get rid of the checkbox.

Looking in Firebug, what makes up your checkbox in version 2 is the following:

This is the bit you need to delete but I’m afraid I wouldn’t know where to find it. I have had a bit of a look at the templates of the version 2 store I helped set up but have spent ages and can’t find where it is.

Deleting it puts the words out of alignment but there is no doubt somewhere in the .css you can fix that.

Can you post back here if you do manage to find it and if it works.

Now … if only someone could answer my question about the dates in the statistics in version 1.3.5 - [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=16047&highlight=dates[/url]

In /skins//customer/views/checkout/summary.tpl edit the tag, changes in red. Then edit the language variable checkout_terms_n_conditions in languages to be “By clicking ‘Place order you agree to the Terms & Conditions of this purchase.”


{hook name="checkout:terms_and_conditions"}

Thanks … I probably should butt out of version 2 problems but I thought it might help AmitP as to what to look for. I think this sort of thing is a lot easier to find in version 1. However, I read all the version 2 postings with interest as I will most likely upgrade once there is a more “stable” version out.

thank you thank you thank you, your both great help I shall try doing this tonight when I get home.

Greatly appreciated.

Go To Settings , User/Carts , and uncheck "Ask customer to agree with terms & conditions during checkout "…

I know how to get rid of the box… Have no idea how to put the sentence on the checkout page though…

Maybe make a checkout button that says that, but that would probably be too big and bulky…

I edited my post AmitP so check it before you implement as w/o the checkbox being checked you wont be able to submit the order. This updated code should work.

in views/checkout/summary.tpl

i am not going to find the whole original script but you should find the place after {if $settings.General.agree_terms_conditions == “Y”}

also opens the terms page in a popup box and its auto clicked. hope it works for you.:)… just change the domain name of yours and terms page.

change it to:

{if $settings.General.agree_terms_conditions == "Y"}

{hook name="checkout:terms_and_conditions"}