Terms and conditions auto-check confirmation box


I need to auto-check Terms and conditions checkbox or even totally remove the box with a different message like -by placing this order I agree with TOS and privacy policy-

I also noticed that on mobile devices there are 2 checkboxes , one for TOS and one for privacy policy, why ?

Is this possible ?

Try to disable corresponding block (Design → Layouts → Checkout)

Did you mean to disable totally the TOS ? I don’t want to do that, I only need the checkbox to be ticked or totally gone(the checkbox).

But why would you want users to be forced to (by auto check) agree to such important legal stuff?

I would understand if you wanted to not show it at all if you already have those policies in your policy pages. But auto checking doesn’t sound like a good idea from a legal standpoint.

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The info text with link to TOS and privacy policy will say that if the order is placed , the client accept TOS and privacy policy. Its legally here.

The template is located here


You can add checked=“checked” attribute on each checkbox. Then clear cache

(!) Not tested

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Thank you so much , really helpful support !