Template Layout Location After Upgrade...Where?

Got a really stupid question guys. I upgraded form 1.3.5sp4 to 2.08 and now to 2.0.10. In 1.3.5sp4 we created our template form the default magenta skin. We are about to reskin the template that we created in 1.3.5sp4 over to the new 2.0.10.

Where can I find my template layout/image files in 1.3.5sp4…or do they exist in the new version? I’m just having a very hard time finding these files to re-skin for 2.0.10. I don’t know why but I just am. One of those days!

And I have back-ups of both 1.3.5sp4 and the new versions. Still have a complete copy of 1.3.5sp4 on our server.

All help is greatly appreciated as always…Thanks!


Ok, maybe I need to explain a bit more. My coder/designer is trying to re-create the template that I had another designer create last year from the 1.3.5sp4 default magenta skin. We completely customized the layout and design and now trying to re-skin the 2.0.10 default magenta skin to match the 1.3.5sp4 skin.

We need to be able to see the site layout from the 1.3.5sp4 template that we customized but having a hard time finding it. Not sure where it should be. We backed up everything before upgrading. I realize this is a strange question which could have many answers…probably the obvious but we’re not having a bit of luck…So any ideas. Mystery to me.