Template Hook - At a loss

I have read all the posts. I finally have been able to get a code hook to work. Now I am trying to get a template hook to work. Nothing is happening!!! HELP!!! :idea:

I want to change the way the total shipping charges are displayed on checkout. So as best I can determine the module that normally displays the total shipping amount is in checkout_totals.tpl. I am using the basic template so this file is located in “…\skins\basic\customer\views\checkout\components”.

In reviewing this module I found the code group:


{hook name=“checkout:checkout_totals”}

{if $cart.shipping_required == true && $shipping_rates && ($location != “cart” || $settings.General.estimate_shipping_cost == “Y”)}

  • {$lang.shipping_cost}:

    {include file=“common_templates/price.tpl” value=$cart.display_shipping_cost}

  • {/if}



    So I need to override “checkout:checkout_totals”.

    I went to “…\skins\basic\customer\addons” and discovered there is not a “my_changes” directory. So I created one. Under that I created a “hooks” directory. According to what I have read I need to create a “checkout” directory in the hooks directory. So now I have “…\skins\basic\customer\addons\my_changes\hooks\checkout”.

    I created a file in this directory called “checkout_totals.override.tpl”. Just for grins to prove I had this working all I put in the override file for now is:




    I moved it out to the server and gave it a try. Nadda. Nothing changed.

    Please tell me what I missed.

    BTW.. I do have My_Changes active.