Template Edit For In Stock/out Of Stock


I am willing to pay someone to make a template edit for me…I think the template would be product_data.tpl.

I need some kind of “IF” statement that says that IF in_stock_qty = 0 then display “Availability: Direct from distributor”

I keep a certain amount of stock on-hand but also would closely with distributors. If I run out of stock I get the distributor to send the product until I order more in AND also I have a range of products that I don't keep in-stock but instead they are always shipped direct from the distributor.

However I want to have inventory tracking and display to the customer what is truly “In Stock” and what is sent direct from the distributor.

This helps customers know what products they can collect from us and what products they can't just drop in and buy but have to order

Please let me know what your price would be to facilitate this…thanks

Hi Ian, please feel free to contact us at CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods with your cs-cart version.

Thanks mate, I have sent you an email using your Contact Us form

I recommend you this addon we use it for a year and is running fine. We can keep track inventory and specify the delivery time of goods whose balance to 0. Customers can order products:www.alt-team.com/cs-cart-in-stock-out-of-stock-alternative-statuses-add-on.html