Telephone Number on orders appear "1234567890"

Hi all,

I am having a problem. When a customer places an order on the store they fill in all their details (as a “guest”) and when they have paid (PayPal express checkout) both me a customer get an email each.

Looking at the order in the back-end the telephone number has appeared as “1234567890”. The first time it happened I was like… well ok, the customer hasnt entered their phone number as a real one.

It has happened a few times now. I have checked with the customers who ordered and they assure me they entered a real phone number.

Why is it appearing as 1234567890 then :S. Is it a problem when checking out or is it a PayPal express checkout issue.

Help would be much appreciated.



Lol, it is because the monkeys enter their phone number like that in their Paypal account (apparently they are afraid someone might have a need to call for an order related issue & they want to protect their privacy for a “safer shopping experience”) :D

The customers I contacted say that they definitely entered their address details and correct telephone in the system though.

It is more than 1 customers whos telephone has come back as “1234567890” you see. :(

Oh rest assured I understand, we actually see that at least 5 times per day, always from orders paid via Paypal.

So let me check…

When they checkout they havent clicked the normal “checkout” button and filled in the details on my site BUT instead…

clicked “checkout (with paypal express checkout)”,

and because their registered paypal account has the telephone number 0123456789 (because they dont want to enter a real number) it has then sent that telephone number back to me in the order?

I understand (i think) but isnt it weird that two customers have entered the same “1234567890” as a phone number?

The problem is I always contact my people via telephone in order to arrange delivery, at the moment I have to find their number in the BT book and thats a pain in the bum lol.

Is there anyway around this or is it a … “That's PayPal for ya” thing?




I have just done a dummy run of the ordering system on my PC:

I added products to the cart… went to the checkout and went through the “PayPal” express checkout.

I logged in… checked the details and clicked next… then went back to the website.

In this stage I am up to “Part 2 - Billing Information”. I clicked back to part 1 (above) and checked contact info and in the “Phone Number” field there it was “1234567890”.

So it IS the system or perhaps a link between the shop and PayPal.


I may have resolved this as I have now added a new “Input Field” in the "Billing Address (Part 2) in which the customer will have to enter their phone number in to proceed. This should then send me the details so hopefully it is a good enough bypass for now.

I would definitely flag this as a “bug” and recommend the tech team at cs cart have a look into it.

Many Thanks for the help and I will see how it goes.



weird thing. it's already solved?

I'm running the last version of cscart and I'm looking that when someone pay with paypal express doesn't copy the phone number of the customer.