Tax Exemption / Caching


What we’d like to do is exempt certain users from paying taxes and thus make use of this option in each users profile. However, I now learned that this only works if prices are entered without taxes and then added by the shop. In our case, however, all prices are added including taxes, so the store would have to subtract those again. I asked cs-cart about it and they said they’d probably include this functionality in some future version.

Looking for add-ons, I couldn’t find any that do what we need (please correct me if I’m wrong). Again, the entire issue is that we don’t need to add, but subtract, taxes.

So I figured I’d do it myself. It’s simple enough to hook into the relevant places and change the prices. However, since blocks (largely in the sidebar) are cached by default, prices would be displayed based on the settings of the first person who accessed them after clearing the cache - either with, or without, taxes. I understand that I can manually disable caching for these blocks, but am a little apprehensive, largely because of the potential loss of speed.

Is there a best way to move forward? Suggestions? Am I making things too complicated?

Thank you!


By default CS-Cart does not support this feature and we advise to make a custom modification which allows to work tax exempt in the mentioned way so if you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to contact us

We are also at your service

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