Tax Database Error

hello everyone. when i try to update tax info i get Database error: Incorrect integer value: ‘’ for column ‘rate_id’ at row 1 (1366)

Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_tax_rates (rate_id, rate_value, rate_type, destination_id, tax_id) VALUES (‘’, ‘’, ‘F’, ‘1’, ‘1’)

Anyone else experience this? If so is there a resolution to it?


Anyone Know!

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It would help if you tell us how this error occurs. Looking at the SQL, you are trying to put a null value into rate_id which the error is telling you isn’t allowed.

What were you doing to get the error? Updating taxes for all products?

Yes. When i try and update the tax rates. i can save the front part just fine. I studied the sql and manually edited the mysql to get it. but you know you still want to be able to fix this issue w/o figuring out how the sql is being updated.

Dear All,

I recieved the same error message.

You must change sql-mode to sql-mode=“” in my.ini (mysql)

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