Tax, Currency and Localisations

I am having a problem configuring 2.0.8 to work in the areas of Tax, Currency and Localisations.

I would have thought that the price of a product would change depending on the Localisation that the user selects but I can’t get it to do that.

The example:

I am in Australia

I have a product that sells for $50 in Australia

I sell it in both Australia and USA

Australia is 90c to the USD

GST in Australia is 10%

So the product is $55 in Australia and $45 in the USA:

Australia $50 + gst 10% = $55AUD

USA $50*.9 = $45USD

My setup:

The “Display prices with taxes on category/product pages” in the Settings → Appearance is ticked

I have set up 2 currencies USD=1.00 (default) and AUD=0.90

I have set up 2 Localisations:

  • USA using USA States and USD currency
  • Australia using Aust States and AUD currency

    I have setup 2 Locations:
  • USA using US States and United States as “Your Location”
  • Australia using Aust States and Australia as “Your Location”

    I have created a Tax of “GST (Aust)”
  • Rates depend on Shipping Address (ticked)
  • Price includes tax (ticked)
  • Under Tax Rates tab Australia is 10% and USA is 0%

    I set up a Product with:
  • price = $45 (remember default currency was set to USD)
  • Your Location was set to both USA and Australia

    When viewing the product if I select USA as the Location the price is $45. If I select Australia the price is $50.

    The total price for Australia should show $55 (which includes the $5 GST) and the “(including tax)” text but it is only showing the price without taxes so there is some config somewhere that hasn’t been set properly - any ideas?


I think that the problem is the currency rate which takes into account only the exchange rate and does not account for the GST. Since your Australian price includes the GST, the tax is not added to the price. You could test this out by removing the “Price includes tax” for testing purposes to see if the tax is then added.

This does not really solve your problem since GST is included in the product price but armed with this information you can better report the bug.



I am curious if this would work if your default is AUD. In theory, the software should reduce the product price by the amount of any taxes included prior to doing the currency conversion, at least when shipping to a non-taxed location. But then, what if going from one locale where tax is included to another where tax is included?

Sadly, I think you have come across an issue which has not even been considered by the developers.


Thanks Bob

I have tried it both ways i.e. Using Australia as the default location using AUD as the default currency and which is taxed and then considering USA as simply another country that uses a different currency and is not taxed plus as setup in the first post.

It is in basic terms just like a US company that sells in the US but also sells to the UK that has VAT and uses Pound Sterling as the currency.

I have spent the day again trying to make it work checking and double checking every setting, what makes sense and even trying what doesn’t make sense like creating another tax rate of 0% for USA - didn’t work either (I thought that if I selected USA as the location it may read the tax rate for there which would be 0%).

Selling overseas is new to my business as we have just become the Australian agent for a US supplier and we can sell to NZ, back to the USA, Sth Africa and UK so this is why I need all this.

I thought I would test the concept in my live site that uses 1.3.5 SP4 as it doesn’t use the new “Localisations”. I created another location of New Zealand and set the tax rate to 0%. Selecting NZ currency doesn’t take the tax off either so the problem looks like that CS Cart whilst having all these locations, Localisations, different currencies, different taxes etc etc it is unable to bring it all together properly for International trading.

I don’t have any dev support left and I begrudge paying them for causing all this and so much more heartache with CS cart but I have invested so much money in this product now (some of the mods that I paid top dollar to have done are now free to everyone as standard features in CS Cart).

I am sure there must be some little thing in my setup that isn’t right as it would be dumb for a shopping cart to not be able to do this.

[quote name=‘ibaker’]I am sure there must be some little thing in my setup that isn’t right as it would be dumb for a shopping cart to not be able to do this.[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately, I think you have everything set up properly. It looks like they just have not addressed these situations in the code. Try reporting this as a bug in the Bug Tracker - they can’t charge you for that.


Something really strange is going on now that I have upgraded to 2.0.9…

It seems to work however the price ONLY if I don’t include the tax in the price for Australia instead unclick the “Price includes tax” in the tax setup which results in a net price being shown and a tax included price being shown next to it. For example:

Price: $99.00 ($108.90 inc tax)

However I have also now found this problem on some product prices.

Even though I have the currency set for 2 decimal places, when I select USA Location I get on some products 3 decimal places:


But that’s not all :o

When adding the Price: $89.100 product above to the cart it shows it as $90.00 in the cart - it seems to have rounded up :mad:


How can anyone run a business like this



Has this issue been resolved for you?

Hi Ian,

Did your issues with gst, localisation etc ever get resolved? I am in Sydney and I am seriuosly considering cs-cart. Shlomo