Tax By Zip Code

Does anyone have a good way to setup Taxes in the United States? Each State has Counties and each County many times has a different tax rate. I'm thinking collecting taxes by Zip Code might work best since it could be managed by a spreadsheet and that is provided by the government when they update rates, but I didn't see a way to set that up... Any information would be greatly appreciated - I briefly saw a post on taxjar, but I'm not sure paying a monthly subscription is the way to go here...


yes it can, chek here

Great, thanks for the info! I'll see if that will work for long term management of sales tax... ;)

That post is rather dated. Zip codes aren't absolute identifiers for tax purposes and you'll probably be better off with TaxJar, which will work with CS-Cart. At the very least, the TaxJar plugin will manage this for you, ensuring you're charging proper taxes (and only for those regions you're collecting).