Tax between 2 countries

I am trying to configure my store and can’t figure out how to do it when using tax between 2 different countries and need some advise.

My store is located in Australia

Australia has GST at 10% for goods shipped within Australia

Prices in Australia have to be displayed as including tax

Goods shipped to New Zealand there is no GST to be applied

My configuration is:

Default Address: My address in Australia

Currency: Australia 1.00 and New Zealand 0.78

Taxes: GST at 10% for Australia and 0% for Default destination (all countries)

Alternative currency display format : Show prices in selected currency only

Tax calculation method based on : Subtotal

Products have the price entry including GST and the Taxes box ticked

If I view an item in the store in Australian currency the price is correct

If I select New Zealand currency it shows the item price simply at the conversion rate as entered in the Currency section BUT still includes the Australian GST

What I am trying to get is when a user is viewing a product in Australian currency the price includes the 10% GST (even if possible a “inc gst” next to it) BUT if the user is viewing in New Zealand currency the price doesn’t have GST and then applies the currency conversion.

Any help is appreciated

Until the location of the user is known, it will use the default location to determine things like taxes.

you could try to implement localizations which would try to determine from the IP what location to use.