Table 'cylinderjacks.cscart_access_restriction' doesn't exist (1146)

I just got this error after deleting old back up files from the admin section.

Table ‘cylinderjacks.cscart_access_restriction’ doesn’t exist B[/B]

The fulll message is:

I’m no php or mysql programmer and am throughly confused, I haven’t found another post where this has occured and hope someone just understand this and has an answer as to what I need to do, this store has been running non-stop for a long time and I have a backup for every day of the year.

However I now cannot access the admin page or the store to actually implement a backup, any ideas on a fix, looks like tech support is closed already, i’m trying not to sound panicky…

That part of the database is missing (the table).

Because that table is the FIRST of all tables, it’s possible that the database has dropped (been deleted) and consequently the store.

I highly suggest that you contact your webhost for them to fix it. CS-Cart will tell you the same.


Thanks Jesse am contacting now…

I did check the database, it’s actually just that table’s data that’s missing for some reason, the rest seems to be there.

I’m currently on hold with the host, we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

If anything, I suggest that your host just ‘patches’ that database table from a backup. Otherwise you’ll lose today’s / yesterdays orders.