Table borders in product description

I have added text and tables into the description, used HTML editor with wyswyg disabled (so it does not strip HTML tags), I have simple tables with three columns and 10 rows, no matter how I do it the table borders/cell borders do not show. The table content is inline but I need the border/cell to show. I have used Dreamweaver to create the HTML code, I have used CSS and table properties. The code is correct because it shows properly in all browsers when viewing the code from Dreamweaver.

This is VERY basic thing to show borders, so CS Cart is not letting the table borders show up…

I know it seems a trivial thing but all the 500+ products of this store need to have a lot of data in the description and it needs to be in simple common tables with borders.

Thanks for your input.


An example URL which demonstrates your problem would help…my guess is the CSS is not being inherited.

The grid is overwriting your css. Look for reset.css. I think it is in the css 960 grid directory. Remove all the table related tags from it.

Hey guys - thank you both for the speedy response. You are both right. Editing the reset.css file fixed it. I would have never been able to figure that one out. I also noticed that a lot of the HTML tags used in the description box are not rendering, like even

, so to format the font I am using span styles.

Is this something with the reset.css too? What if i just remove the reset.css file?

Thanks again, the table borders are showing fine. The reason I did not show a URL example is because its a test product in another active store that I am using to test before starting on the actual store.


Yes there are h1,h2,h3…etc…declarations in reset.css, to override them, either remove them from reset.css or use the “!important” declaration.

Thanks again StellarBytes for following. If I can just remove portions from the reset.css file, I am not sure what the file is even for. Sorry to be a newbie, but I just don't understand what the reset file is for if its preventing me from using the wyswyg formatting properties, or even my own HTML.


I believe the reset file is used to eliminate differences between browsers. It sets all css tags to a neutral starting point.

CSS Tools: Reset CSS

How to Reset Your Website Styles with CSS Reset | CSS Tips & Tricks

It's a bad idea removing declarations, instead, override them.