Switching to email for login instead of affiliates

That title should be: “Switching to email for login instead of login ID for customers and affiliates”

So I have a question regarding the potential conflicts between affiliate accounts and customer accounts.

Up until the 15th, we’ve used logins, but I have found that a lot of folks have had problem remembering their login and so I want to shift to the email as login model.

That being said, we have a handful of affiliates who also have customer purchasing accounts - this is left over from when we were using X-C and had separate partner and customer logins.

How does this work on CS-Cart? For example, if I have a customer who is part of the bookstore discount usergroup and also an affiliate, can they still purchase as if they were a customer when logging in to their account?

Does logging in as an affiliate have any other impact?

I ask this because many of my promotions are disabled for affiliate accounts because I assumed that if they logged in as an affiliate, their affiliate code automatically was getting applied to their order.

Is this not the case? If someone logs in and tries to apply their own affiliate code to the session, will the affiliate commission automatically be cancelled?