Swimwear site - converted to CS-CART from ZEN-CART

Please have a visit to my new website, which has just been converted from zen-cart:

Swimwear Place

I have developed two custom mods for my site.

  1. Script to automatically update currency exchange rate. If you can add a link to my website on your site, I can offer it for free. Or else, it costs $9.00 US.

  2. Script to export order, order detail and shipping information into one csv file. If you can add a link to my website , I can offer it free. Or else, it costs $19.00 US.

    I can be reached at: webmaster@swimwearplace.com


Is it hard to install currency update script ?

It has only one php script file. You need to copy the file to your website, and use cron to schedule it. It is pretty straight forward.

The reference rates which it uses are updated only once per day. If you need more frequent rates, then you should consider subscribing to a commercial service.