SVN Ignore recommendations for v4

I am setting up a new installation of 4.0.1. I typically use SVN on my server to keep track of changes and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on what directories and files should be set to Ignore in SVN?

It's always easier to set these up from the start than to go back and remove them from the repository later.




The rest all become a function of preference. I.e. if you really want to save all imagery or repository templates, etc.

In reality, I would think the only thing you would really want to archive is the

design/themes, design/backend and app directories.

But you may want to exclude the design/themes and backend media directories unless you want to capture all the imagery.

But that's just my preference for being able to restore to a certain previous state.

But if you're going to snapshot your site, you need to snapshot the DB at exactly the same time so that references to images and all the other stuff is consistent with the files/template views.

images folder will need to be ignored too as it will contain product images.